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Younger Next Year (Turn back your biological clock)

Chris Crowley launched his own wellness journey in 2004.  Chris enlisted his young MD and avatar Dr. Henry Lodge to tell the tale.  Chris is an avuncular retired lawyer. Henry specializes in Gerontology.  This could be taken as a dry and boring field of research both by youngsters under 30 who see this field as […]

The Nutrition Revolution

Food is vital to life.  Duh!  “We are what we eat.”  “Let food be thy medicine; medicine be thy food.” The nutrition revolution we’re in today certainly has roots at least as far back as Hippocrates of Cos in 5th century BC Greece.  But as Gary Taubes chronicles in his iconoclastic Why We Get Fat […]

Wellness Journey — how I got lean again.

In June 2010, following another routine physical exam, my MD hit me with a recommendation that pushed me over the cliff.  The trend in my blood sugar was not looking good – my HbA1c had crept up to 7.6.  I’d been told that Diabetes generally gets worse with age and, at that time – contrary […]

Wellness Journey — how I got fat.

Fifty years ago after I’d been married only 3-months, my father died of his first and complete surprise heart attack at 48 years of age.  He’d just passed a physical exam not 2-weeks earlier.  Dad had smoked 2-packs of Camels a day for years.  The link between tobacco and chronic diseases might have been suspected […]


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